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Performance Goals

From the time they enter our full-day Kindergarten classes, our students are on a journey to success. They are taught that success is not just earning a medal or having the most toys, but that “success is happiness in your heart because you try 100 percent to be your personal best.  And no one can do that better than you.” (John Wooden – UCLA).
 Students learn to:
  • Ask thought provoking questions                                                            
  • Acquire the skills necessary to find the answers to those questions      
  • Develop the ability to think critically and creatively             
  • Take pride in their work      
  • Develop the responsibility necessary for their future success            
  • Create oral, written, and visual presentations expressing unique, thoughtful viewpoints
  • Understand, appreciate, and celebrate the differences and similarities between all people                       
  • Create bridges linking classroom and textual learning with real world applications  
  • Respect themselves and one another                                   
  • Develop the ability to work well independently and in groups

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate individuals to become independent, creative and critical thinkers within a culturally diverse environment.  We will work cooperatively toward the ultimate goal of increasing student achievement through a partnership of school, families, and community.

Vision Statement

Toluca Lake School is a safe, healthy, interactive learning environment that stimulates and nurtures productive independent thinkers.  High expectations challenge students to achieve their fullest potential and respect for self and others both in and out of the classroom.


1.  We believe that children learn best through a child centered and integrated real world curriculum where  
      learning is stimulating, imaginative, and technologically focused.
2.  We believe all stakeholders are partners in a life long educational process in the pursuit of knowledge.
3.  We believe that every individual is unique socially, emotionally, culturally, and intellectually and must be
      respected and valued for his or her uniqueness.
4.  We believe that every learner has a right to be educated in a safe and healthy environment.
5.  We believe that school pride and traditions contribute to a positive morale that is necessary for the learning
      process to take place.
6.  We believe that we possess unlimited potential and are capable of achieving high standards of excellence.