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Mr. Jeffrey Daniel,

​Dear Toluca Lake Families,
Welcome back to the 2022-2023 school year! We are excited to be back.
As we return to a more “normal” school day, safety continues to be a top priority. We need to be safe coming to school, while at school, and leaving school.

Coming to school:
  1. Arrive early to school so you don’t have to rush or drive erratically. Be patient. Reminder, all students should be on campus no later than 7:45am (first line-up bell).
  2. If you use the morning drop-off valet program, be sure to pull forward and wait for the volunteer to open the door. Do not park or leave your car in the valet lane. Do not wait in the valet lane to watch your child walk thru the gate. (If you want to see your child to the gate, you must park elsewhere and walk him/her to the gate.)
  3. Do not pull into the staff parking lot. It is dangerous for children to walk unsupervised in the parking lot. Additionally, being in the parking lot hinders staff from parking and getting on campus to supervise and keep all children safe.
  4. Do not park in red zones. Doing so hinders staff from safely entering the staff parking lot. Additionally, cars in the red zone create a safety hazard for pedestrians crossing the street.
While at school:
  1. Arrive to school on-time. By arriving on-campus before 7:45am, you child will not have to rush to his/her classroom.
  2. Wash hands often. Good hygiene helps prevent illness. Additionally, there are hand sanitizing stations throughout the campus.
  3. Stay home if sick. Even though our goal is for 100% perfect attendance, please stay home if you are ill and not feeling well.
  4. Maintain social distancing whenever possible. Although Covid restrictions have eased, it is still possible to get Covid or even the common cold by being close to someone who is ill.
Leaving school:
  1. Be patient as you pick up your child from the exit gate.
  2. All children are to be picked up by their parent or designated adult. Toluca Lake students are not to leave campus on their own to walk home.
  3. Park legally to pick up your child. Do not double park or park/block our neighbor’s driveway. (For example, do not park in the Toluca Crossroads parking lot to the south of our school as this is a private business.)
We greatly appreciate your cooperation and support as we maintain a safe learning environment for everyone at Toluca Lake Elementary.
Always remember, it’s great to be a Tiger!
Mr. Jeffrey Daniel

In 1999, Toluca Lake Elementary became a part of my life. I began my education career at Toluca Lake teaching fourth grade in ​room 15. During the following years, I had the fortune to teach all grades first through fifth before becoming the Categorical Programs and Bilingual Coordinator as well as the Gifted and Talented Education Coordinator, technology coordinator and state testing coordinator. I eventually was promoted to Assistant Principal at Arleta High School in 2018 to lead their Visual and Performing Arts small learning community. But just eleven months later, I was called back to become the Principal of this remarkable school. I am filled with excitement and gratitude and am thankful for the wonderful students, families, and colleagues that have helped me to be where I am today. In life, we don't get anywhere alone. Rather, by working together and believing in what can be, we build a strong foundation that helps us be our personal best.